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Where to find the best Orthopaedic advice online?

There is ample information available online. A simple google search for say knee arthritis or ankle fracture will return a million hits. In fact, there is so much information available online, it becomes overwhelming for anyone to go through all the information and select out what is appropriate and contextual.

Another big problem is reliability! There is so much information online, it becomes really difficult to decipher what is the correct information, and what is half baked half truth.

There are ample decent websites that give all the correct information such as or major hospital websites from US such as the Mayo clinic or the Cleveland clinic. The problem again is that the information is fairly generic and doesn't really answer the question: "....but what should I do for my knee pain or ankle fracture at 2 weeks, or 6 weeks."

While online consultation at a private hospital especially in UK, can cost an arm or a leg, one doesn't always need a full consultation. One just needs to know answers to a few basic questions.

That's where this website comes in handy. You can ask about your particular health problem on a chat, you can speak to a fully qualified orthopaedic surgeon and get all the answers you need either on a regular call or on video chat. You can even send your X-rays/ MRI or other investigations across and get personalized answers. And the best part is that it comes at a really economical price!

Here's the handy link to get started.

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