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Knee: Deformities in Adolescents


Knee deformities in adolescents and young adults is more complicated to treat as they have stopped growing. The treatment for this is usually surgical as they can longer be expected to correct spontaneously.

Surgery mainly involves cutting the bone (Osteotomy), re-aligning it and fixation of the bone with an internal device - usually plate and screws. The surgery needs to be precise and planned appropriately in order to achieve accurate correction.

Under or over correction are unacceptable and can lead to further problems.


An appropriate preoperative plan helps the surgeon in deciding exactly how much wedge of bone to remove and how to position the bones afterwards to achieve the desired alignment. This planning is now done with the use of softwares, a number of which are now available.


The actual surgery involves cutting the bone at the appropriate place, and fixing with a plate after adequate realignment.

The recovery from this type of surgery takes about 3 months.

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