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What is this site About?



 Simple, honest and thorough answers!

Orthopedic Consult was too short and rushed, did not get a chance to ask questions, ask them here!


Want more information about your musculoskeletal condition, you have come to the right place.

Tired of waiting for that Orthopedic Consult, get some answers here and be prepared with the right questions to ask

Undergoing an Orthopedic surgery can be daunting. Get clear details about benefits, risks, and the expectations from surgery.

Recent fracture? Want to know how long is it going to take to recover, just ask!  

Who is answering

Mr Farokh Wadia will be answering all your questions here. He has been practicing as an Orthopaedic Consultant for 10 years now, having trained in India and UK, currently working at Southampton. He is fully licensed to practice and is on the specialist Register with the GMC. He specialises in Children's Orthopaedic conditions. Having trained as an orthopaedic surgeon prior to specialisation, he has a good knowledge on the whole breadth of Orthopaedic disorders.  If you want a face to face consultation with him for children's musculoskeletal disorders, Click here


This is not a consultation.

This does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship

No prescription is given with this service

Treatment discussed here is for guidance only.

This is only an advice service


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Why is this not a consultation?

A normal consultation involves direct patient clinical examination. 

This is the most crucial part for establishing a clinical diagnosis.

This cannot happen with a chat or a telephone call.  

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